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Cardshoot, Blockshoot, Outlaw Guns and Barrels
Ziggy has been building barrels for all kinds of block shoot, Card shoot and Outlaw Guns for 25 years. Ziggy prides himself in affordable, consistent,  well built barrels with top notch barrel and choke materials.  Ziggy has been a machinist for 29 years not just a person with a hobby.  Chokes are made by him on a CNC lathe for consistency and accuracy.  Contact him for your needs in a new choke or barrel.....814-435-6590.  
Drop in chokes.......$65.00 (.849 O.D.)
Drop in chokes.......$75.00(pocket size other than 
                                             Ziggy's size)
Broached lines in chokes.........available in 6 lines configuration

Wire EDM lines for chokes when available $100.00 @

Screw in chokes available for Remington, Winchester and Mossberg configuration........Turkey chokes and Block Shoot
                                               Card shoot chokes.....$75.00
                                                with broached lines $85.00

If you pickup at shop no extra charge.....
Shipping for chokes $7.20 priority shipping up to 6 chokes.

Shipping for barrels only.....$25.00
Shipping for full receiver and barrel actual price of shipping and must be shipped to FFL dealer......

Savage 212 gun price at the store is $610.00 if not building with Ziggy   this includes tax and trans charge

Savage 212 gun price at the store if you have Ziggy build on the gun is $590.00 .....out of state that will be shipped $560 plus shipping
Barrel Builds: All prices may change upon availability of material and price of material

1" barrel with 2 unlined chokes...........$450.00 (you provide  donor barrel )  I can provide components instead of you providing barrel for additional $85.00.

1 1/8 " barrel with 2 unlined chokes....$475.00 (you provide donor barrel ) I can provide components instead of you providing barrel for additional $85.00. This is 4130 material

1 1/4" barrel with 2 unlined chokes......$475.00 (you provide donor barrel ) I can provide components instead of you providing barrel for additional $85.00. this is 4130 material 

1 1/4" barrel with 2 lined chokes.....this also requires special sized chamber that is provided in the price....material of the barrel is 4140 gun drilled and honed heat treated....$635.00

Your barrel includes 2 unlined chokes, choice of line configuration in bore (call), Match chamber.

Sights and installation on your barrel (Williams fiber optics)
Picatinny Rail at request $25.00 installed on 212 Savage only

Weighing down of stock call for price......

Gloss Bench Stocks for the 212 are $475.00 plus shipping if needed

Bi Pod and plate.....$140.00

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