Ziggys Custom Barrels and Gun Shop

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We would like to explain our pricing policies.  First we are not collectors of guns we are sellers.  This means that we will give you a good value on your used guns that you would like to sell or trade.  However, this also means that we will sell at a good value for the buyer.  Our guns in the store are priced OUT THE DOOR.  This means that the price at the bottom of the sticker includes the gun price, sales tax and $5.00 for your background check when you buy a gun.  We do this as a service to our customers so there is no question what you will be paying at the register.  When you buy a gun at our store we only charge you $5 for your background check as another service to our customers. If you purchase multiple firearms it is $5 for each gun.   This price is in your out the door price.  If you want a breakdown of the price so you can comparison shop all you need to do is look on the back of the ticket on the firearm and it will break it down for you.

Private Transfers on customers coming into the shop is  $15 each firearm
If you have a gun shipped in the transfer will be $20 each firearm
If you need a gun shipped it will be the price of shipping plus $15 for time and supplies for shipping the firearm.  This can be very time consuming coordinating the shipment with the other FFL dealer.

We may be a small store but we can give you a mighty deal.   If we do not have an item we will order it for you.  Normally it takes about 4 days to get the item in.  If you are custom ordering a gun we ask that you pay 1/2 down at the time of ordering and the rest on arrival.  

RETURNS:  We do not accept returns on Firearms, Scopes or anything that is Mfg. defect....you would need to contact the mfg. on your own....if you are having problems we will help you but they do not accept returns from us.  Firearms are different we can help send them back if there is a defect but we do not accept returns on them.  Anything else will not be returned if the package is open.....or package damaged in any way.....returns must be brought back within 30 days.....Firearms are different we will help you with returning to mfg. if item is not working properly even after 30 days.  There is always an inspection and if the item is in used condition we will not accept the return.....If you have an issue with custom barrels or chokes please call right away so Ziggy can help solve the problem....we will not accept barrels or chokes for a refund ......if there is a problem Ziggy will resolve it....within 30 days.  No returns accepted after 30 days......Custom Barrels and chokes are just that changing your mind is not a reason for sending them back we do not accept used barrels or chokes. 

Thanks for your business.  

John (Ziggy) and Laurie Zeigler